Art And Oracle

Exhibitions are no longer straightforward enterprises in which one simply considers the selection of items and the manner of their display. They now entail an associated publication, special events for scholars and collectors, outreach for the general public and schoolchildren, websites, and specialty items for the gift shop. Even more was demanded of “Art and […]

The roof is on fire

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! We don’t have no water, let the whole thing burn! “Tear Down De Roof” Jam Band, 2001 An astonishing fact: each and every day of the year, the population of St. Thomas swells by 33%. The source of this inflation? As you might have guessed, the […]

The Peabody exhibition

Early ethnographers of Sierra Leone and Liberia describe Poro but are somewhat dismissive of Sande in terms of its social impact. Recently that focus has reversed, and Sande has been held up as an association of social consequence. The Peabody exhibition points out several noteworthy and not altogether common facts about Poro and its masks, […]


THE AFRICAN ROOTS OF THE AMISTAD REBELLION Masks of the Sacred Bush The Peabody Museum of Natural History Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut July 15, 2000-December 31, 2001 “The African Roots of the Amistad Rebellion” exhibits forty pieces of art from the Mende and related peoples of Sierra Leone and surrounding areas, together with twenty […]

Interview with Goddy Leye

A month and a half before his death, Goddy was interviewed by curator and art historian Annette Schemmel, who is currently at work on a PhD at the Freie Universitat in Berlin. The interview lasted several hours and was conducted on a bus. An excerpt appears below that goes to the heart of what Goddy […]

This Is for Your Own Good

Five students at the University of Southern California are staging an intervention. The addict? An unsuspecting campus art museum that exhibited a conventional dependence on its previous art show, “Four Rooms and a View: USC’s Collection Highlights.” The undergraduates walked into the university’s Fisher Museum last month and started rearranging the art. The objective of […]

Florence’s beauty, history, and art

Much of Florence’s beauty, history, and art is found in its many churches and their surrounding piazzas (squares). The churches usually have a ramp if there is a large set of stairs, but the one or two steps at the entrance are often not ramped. We did not find this a problem because the Italian […]